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For a few days each year undergo Åsele society a total transformation. Approximately 150 000 people invade the resort for four very busy market days. Åsele The market has grown from an ordinary market to this day be Norrland's biggest festival and one of the largest markets.

Market Traders and visitors crowded around the center of society, always third weekend in July, and those who want to look in all the market stalls have more than a task. It's about more than three and a half kilometers stalls if you were to line up all one after another. Approximately 400 market traders have about 1 200 three-meter stalls. Åsele market over the years has developed into a concept. It is not only a market but the market as other markets compare themselves. It is the immense size, which is difficult to grasp for someone who was not in Åsele in those days, that makes Åsele market so special, and that it goes around on the streets of the town center.

For Åsele people go not only to shop, even if the commerce is lively, but they are also there to simply have been there. It has for many become an important ritual in the summer. A visit to Åsele like to hear. Otherwise it has not been quite the summer. Åsele residents look forward to the four days of summer, when friends and relatives come to visit, then stationed in the city, as there is life and movement around the clock and the pulse becomes another. Most of the 150 000 people who come to Åsele the market four days are day visitors. They come in the morning and drive back home at night. Many are far away. But here in the north sees the people a little different on this with the distance. A day's trip of 20 - 25 mil easy path is not much to ponder.

The range of goods, of course tremendous; goods and bads, big and small, expensive and cheap, quality, and debris. The choice is yours. But you can always find something interesting. If you get hungry during the market visit, no problem. The supply of food is large and varied, from plain simple sausage to mushroom toast and Thai food. Hungry need not go from the market in Åsele. If you want to take a break from the market mingle for a while, just sit down on the benches at any of the three scenes that are in different places in the market area and watch performances of music, fakirs, magicians, dance and more. Even quieter it will be for anyone who looks into the yoga tent for relaxation. When fueled more energy you can walk on to the karaoke tent, and selecting an appropriate song to sing to.

He can also turn on horseback, with 4-wheel driving, shooting, scooting around the bouncy castles, up and down the bungee trampoline or bounce. For a market and a popular festival includes of course a fun fair and a large fitted naturally also in Åsele, with rides and everything else that a well-equipped amusement park can offer. For the nöjessugne offer the market at the evening entertainment with shows and disco at the venue Trillen and Hembygdsområdet it will be on Saturday afternoon and early Sunday evening free concerts, as well as the SAGA road scene on Monday afternoon. Åsele Market is a real treat in four days, for all ages, for young and old.