- Come and live close to the nature and let the nature take away all the stress and bring you the inspiration, the energy, the happiness back in your life -

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In Åsele municipality, there are many attractions to explore, both in nature and among existing plants. Torvsjö Mills, Bear Country National Park, Åsele Hembygdsområde, Stockholm street and much more.

Questions about Åsele, you are welcome to ask either in the campsite reception or
Åsele Tourist information



On the farm Asplunda in Tallsjö village in Fredrika run a specerie and general store from 1895 to early 1950's. The shop was local farmers and foresters to buy American bacon, coffee, snuff, flour, salt and sugar. There were also sold tons of oats to the workhorses of the forest and also wallpapers, fabrics, fine wines and delicacies, everything from pins to railway locomotives.

The farm is now owned by First Merchant grandchildren and is now a unique cultural and historical gem.

We show the store, storerooms and the merchant's office, where everything stood untouched since the house was abandoned. Upstairs you get to see how the family lived. We show the family's furniture, textiles and stuff and tell us about environments and family from 1890's to 1940's. On the farm the old storehouse rebuilt, there is an exhibition and cafe. Now you can also look into is the daughter's playhouse from the 40's. Welcome to another time!


About 16 km from the village Åsele Sörnoret's "Offerhällan", according to tradition, an old Sami ättestupa with a beautiful view of the lakes around it. From offerhällan down to the water is about 120 m vertical drop.

It is said that old Sami who could not keep up with their herds and move to the mountains were sacrificed by placing them in a akja who then sent out Hallan.

- One of the country's most valuable forests

The park is 1,100 hectares and was inaugurated in 1991 by King Carl XVI Gustaf. Here you can stroll into one of Sweden's most valuable forests. Cliffs and vertical drops break up the rolling mountain terrain. Landscape type is called a wavy rock hill terrain. The fauna consists mainly of moose, marten and hare as well as bears and lynx. The most common birds are grouse, Siberian jay, brambling, but also one or anna eagle buzzard can be sailed over the area. Nutrient poor soil and harsh climate are reasons for the somewhat species-poor flora, but along streams can be found among other torta, forests tight, Meadowsweet, bergsslok and serrated wintergreen.

Good parking facilities adjacent to the park, shelters, barbecue and picnic areas and information boards. A trail is utmarkerad - it goes to the Big Mountain from where you have a fantastic vantage point.


A nature reserve with low alpine character, with Åseles highest mountain, 667.7 m view from the top is breathtaking. Very good fishing waters with noble fish. Cabins for rent in the area.


Perhaps the most beautiful canyon in our country. It was formed when thousands of meter-thick ice sheet covering our country for about 10 000 years ago. In the summer melting of the ice surface and the water made ​​their way down into the cracks that occurred, and on to the surface where it was founded in long tunnels under the mighty ice sheet. Through thousands of years of grinding was created so a kilometer long canyon. In the steep walls are potholes commen.


Skarpsjöbäcken of the Torvsjöbor described as a stream or squalene "trickle". Like many other streams, it has come to be called Myllypuro. Here is one of northern Europe's most remarkable water-powered plants with simple water mills, threshing machines, saws and power and a host of other facilities. All built by hand, with great ingenuity, of the farmers in Torvsjö. Kulturum Torvsjö mills Myllypuro, forest trail and exhibitions present an image of the inland peasants' lives. Make a voyage of discovery in their footsteps!


Vitter house is a boulder accumulation with huge overhangs and over brews forming halls and caves. The formations are of a format that gave rise to legends and fairy tale. Rocks on the Vitter house is ancient memories of the Ice Age and has attracted strong interest from speleologists. Here "also live Vittra". And yes, it feels a bit nervous walking under the majestic boulders. On the adjacent marsh Vitter also requires a little old lady walking around in the bright summer nights. Many can attest that forgotten sandwiches from previous visitors has remained untouched for several days despite the rich wildlife.

In the rock surrounding the Vitter house is an adventure course "The path of Letters" a boulder, click outcrops and caves. It is suitable for all ages and makes forest trek more exciting.

- A museum in the middle of Åsele center.

Here you can see how we lived before. On Midsummer's Eve as the Clothing and erected the pole is to the music.
From the scene in Homestead area is the entertainment during Åsele Market, Saturday and Sunday on the third weekend in July. Yes, Hembygdsområdet is truly an oasis in the center. Why not take a break when the café is open during the summer.
The church houses a textile collection and an old printing press. Textile collection is one of Västerbotten's finest textiles and clothing collection. Pallins Printing from 1911 in one of the cottages.
Hemslöjd store is contained in one of the church cabins. Here you can purchase artwork from local artisans and craftsmen.

Opening period: Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00.